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I have had the pleasure of receiving some wonderful lunch packing products from the companies that make them to review for my lunch packing audience. I packed the Eco Lunchbox and the Laptop lunchbox with the same lunch for my children and I will compare them below:

Both are dishwasher safe and BPA and lead free.

The first photo is of the Eco Lunchbox. I found this lunchbox to be absolutely beautiful. The elegant stainless steel lunchbox was a pleasure to pack. The side latches are very easy to use and holds the lid firmly on. The lunchbox is not leak proof, but it comes with a no-leak cup for yogurt, dipping sauces, dressing, etc. This lunch box would be the perfect choice for sweet little bento style lunches or a sandwich with some sides tucked in next to it. Click ECOlunchbox to find this product and if you spend $20 or more you can get the great spork in the photo for free by using coupon code Spork20.

The second photo is of the Laptop Lunchbox. Although I don’t like the plastic as much as the metal, my kids seemed to like the bright colors. This lunchbox comes with all of the plastic containers pictured and three have leak proof lids. There are lots of places to put lots of thing. The latch is easy to use, but you will need to show your kids how to push on it to open it. This lunchbox would be the perfect choice for a child who does not like his/her food to touch. You can find this product by clicking here:


The bag pictured in the Eco Lunchbox photo with the cool orange slice design is by Lunchskins. It is also toxin free and dishwasher safe. I used this bag to pack orange slices then turned it inside out and washed it in the dishwasher. Click the link below to buy:
LunchSkins Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags Set – 3 Pack – Green Pear, Mango Slices, Aqua Dots

The cute monster disposable bag is BPA free and biodegradable. My kids went nuts for these, they are adorable. Just the right size for a snack or lunch side item (5″x6″). Click the link below to buy these:
WEXY Lunch and Munch Snack Bags for Kids Lunch Boxes Fun (3pack)

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